Mould can be hazardous to you and your families health if not detected and treated correctly.

Our inspections include:
– Identification of problem mould growth, extent of mould contamination, underlying causes and building moisture issues.
– Delineating the cause of mould contamination and the required remedial action
– Identification of mould species in the hazard identification task of the exposure risk assessment. For example, identification of elevated levels of mould genera that are considered unacceptable (atypical fungi) such as certain pathogenic (disease causing), or toxin‐producing (poisonous) micro‐organisms.
– Establish a mould remediation plan to control exposure and cross contamination during mould remediation works.
– Establish procedures for the ongoing management of mould contamination in problem buildings.



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Miss J purchased this rental property 5 years ago and had the same tenants all this time; because they kept paying the rent in advance Miss J and her property manager never inspected the home. Then she decided to sell the property. IPI was contracted to complete a Pre-Sale inspection and found the mold damage throughout every bedroom and the lounge.


During the inspection IPI identified a site drainage problem, no sub floor ventilation, significant ground mold throughout the under floor space, mold stained plaster walls, ceilings and window furnishings.

Cost to cure the house in this condition was estimated to about $28,000

Cost of IPI inspection when Miss J first purchased the property. Only $300

The dangers of living in a home that is sick and badly effected by mold can kill you.
MR & Mrs BK visited their grand parents often and at times stayed over so there children could spend time with their great grand parents. However the children always come home sick with chest infections, asthma and numerous bronchial problems. After some basic research by there GP the source was identified.


IPI was called in to advise on the problems, the site drainage was improved, the sub floor ventilation was increased, the bedrooms were ventilated regularly, the mold damaged plaster and paint were repaired and six moths later the children can go and visit without getting sick again.

Cost of the IPI Inspection $165. The Cost of Your Families Health PRICELESS

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Mould Identification »
Mould Identification »
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