Asbestos inspections are usually requested by our clients in the following circumstances:image005

– Material suspected to contain asbestos has been disturbed.
– Asbestos containing materials has been disturbed and a risk assessment is required which includes determination of extent of contamination and asbestos air monitoring to estimate level of exposure to airborne asbestos fibres.
– Prior to refurbishment or partial demolition and specific material suspected to contain asbestos is encountered in an area that is likely to be disturbed by work activities. The material is not identified on an existing asbestos register.
– At early stage of refurbishment or demolition work where suspected asbestos containing materials is uncovered and require confirmation prior to resuming work.
– During excavations which revealed presence of materials suspected to contain asbestos.

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Mrs C wanted a home with NO asbestos in it, and she could only afford a small older home to raise her two year old son. The selling agent told her it was brick-board cladding over timber weatherboards and a corrugated iron roof.


Mrs C purchased the property with the last of her savings and a substantial mortgage. Three months after moving in Mrs C contacted IPI to advise on repairs needed to the loose and broken brick-board cladding.

IPI advised Mrs C on the approximate cost to repair, and when she asked why it is so expensive, IPI advised her it was because of the asbestos backing to all the brick cladding and the extreme care needed when working with asbestos materials. (But I was told there was no asbestos) was the reply.

Cost to remove the asbestos sheet cladding by an asbestos removal expert $22,000

Cost of an IPI Asbestos Audit $250 and one sample tested for confirmation $110

Mrs C could have saved $21,640

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