Building Inspections When you walk away from your dream property you remember the shining mirrors, spotless surfaces and sun filled rooms. Many people make the mistake of buying on these “honeymoon” feelings without a thorough independent building inspection. While you wander through the house imagining it as your own, our pre-purchase inspectors check 350 items and over 1200 possible faults.

images (3) By using technology to follow a rigorous procedure, nothing goes unnoticed and we find at least one problem in each pre-purchase inspection. That’s not to say the house is not your perfect home.

By attending the inspection, we can show you all the faults and explain the repair process, so your perfect home doesn’t come with any surprises. Unfortunately, according to statistics, unexpected repairs or “surprises” cost new owners an average $4500. Money that would have previous been used to upgrade appliances, or splurge on some decor will now have to be used on repairs.

With an IPI pre purchase inspection, you can incorporate any repairs and maintenance into the sale price so that “little extra” leftover can be spent on making your new house a home. An independent pre purchase inspection is also essential in making a fast, confident and fair offer. Once you are aware of any faults, you can negotiate a seller down from their asking price. Unlike low balling, the pre purchase report gives you accurate facts to back up your price, showing that you are offering a reasonable amount. As a dependable company respected by building professionals, East Coast IPI can also connect you with a network of preferred tradesman who can supply quotes prior to negotiation.

Therefore, the seller can incorporate exact costs into the price or agree to repair the property before settlement. East Coast Independent Property Inspections guarantees a same day turnaround time for the pre purchase report, so you have your most important bargaining tool in time for negotiations.

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I was recently referred to East Coast Independent Property Inspections to conduct pre-purchase
building inspections on a property we made an offer on.
After discussing our needs when inspection needed to be conducted due to my husband not sighting
the property Tony from East Coast Independent Property Inspections accommodated this
effortlessly but also coordinated the pest inspection for the same time and liaised with agent and
owner for access as well. We received a verbal summary of the inspection on the day with the full
written report with photographs delivered the same day also.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Tony from East Coast Independent Property
Inspections for your building inspection services.


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During a routine pre-purchase inspection of the under floor space our inspector become suspicious of the wiring only to discover numerous areas of substandard and unsafe electrical work typical of the photo above.


This wiring was servicing a power point screwed to the lounge room floor.

The cost of this inspection $250

The repair bill to rectify the substandard unsafe wiring was $3,860.

The cost of preventing a house fire and your family safety is PRICELESS




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IPI was conducting a routine Pre-Purchase inspection for a property investment syndicate. During the inspection the inspector noted the springy floors throughout every room. The truth was out when the inspector gained access to the under floor space.

The owner builder selling his property, in an effort to save on costs used undersized floor framing and tried to stabalise the resulting bouncy floors by propping the floor with a series of sticks. Needless to say the contract was cancelled due to the floors being structurally unsound.

Cost of inspection $250

Saving the purchasers an estimated $20,000 to $25,000 worth of repair if they had brought this lemon.



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Mrs EK was over the moon when her offer was accepted, but she had the good sense to get an IPI Pre-Purchase inspection.
The home presented very well form the outside, new paint job, new floor coverings, renovated bathroom and kitchen, all the gardens looked great. However the house didn’t stack up under our inspection.


IPI found the original foundations had rotted out and had been temporarily propped up on tree stumps that come from the fire wood stack and some old treated pine post off cuts just sitting on the dirt.

Cost of re-stumping the house $27,000
Cost of the Pre-Purchase Inspection $300

Mrs EK was able to walk away from the sale due to the house being structurally unsound.




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