Whether you are buying or selling your home, it’s common to feel overwhelmed with a mountain of images (3)paperwork, and especially the fine print.

Although you can get help from lawyers and agents, it’s your signature on the dotted line and you have the final responsibility for all decisions made.

Getting a building or pre-purchase inspection can feel like a weight lifted off your shoulders, because an experienced and trained IPI professional takes full responsibility for checking the property.

However, since building inspections and reports can vary significantly, choosing the wrong inspector can mean a false sense of security and getting caught out by the fine print if something goes wrong. 


All our inspectors are highly trained and will give you the confidence and detail you need and expect from a superior report. Below are a few things to consider when deciding who you will trust to inspect your property for you:


Not all property inspectors have professional indemnity insurance which covers them in case of errors or omissions in their report findings.

Additionally, part time or temporary inspectors may not be aware of all Australian Standards which need to be met because building and pre-purchase inspections are not their core business, and their insurance may not cover them for it.

At IPI, all inspectors are insured and undergo regular training to keep up-to-date with Australia Standards.

The Builder-Inspector:

There are many builder-inspectors out there.

Since the level of experience and expertise varies with each builder inspector, their reports can vary significantly. Unfortunately, many builders also skew property inspection reports to generate work for their building business.

At Independent Property Inspections, our professionals are all full time inspectors, and regularly undergo training in addition to their extensive building knowledge. No matter which IPI inspector you choose, your property will have over 350 items checked, covering more than 1200 possible defects and faults.

Do Real Estate Agents Benefit?

By partnering with Independent Property Inspections, real estate agents benefit by receiving consistent, accurate building and pre-purchase inspection reports completed same day for their clients.

Since agents are liable and accountable for who they recommend to their clients for building inspections, they feel confident recommending IPI because we offer the most reliable and thorough service. The majority of real estate agents who work with IPI use our service for their own personal pre-purchase, building or termite inspections. IPI does not give or receive any commission, kickbacks or payments for agent referrals.



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