Rental Property Inspections

How IPI Can Solve Frustrations for Property Managers and Landlords
– Vacancy or first inspections;
– East Coast IPI will complete a comprehensive building inspection, complete a detailed condition and inventory report that does include over 400 items (in a standard 3 bed)
– IPI can include a complete photo album of all defects noted
– IPI can advise on Prioritised Maintenance Schedules (for budgeting future works)
– Periodic or Quarterly inspections or annual inspections
– Using the previous inspection report, IPI will re-inspect the property and identify any changes to any of the 400 items inspected
– All reports are supplied with supporting photos of any new defects
– Again the comprehensive report will be forwarded to the property manager by email the same day
– IPI can also inspect previously completed repairs for quality & workmanship
In Summary
– Tenants are comfortable that inspections are taking place on a regular and agreed basis.
– The Landlords investment is protectedfor-lease

– Landlords can budget comprehensively for maintenance and repairs annually
– Property Manager’s potential risks are minimised
– Adds value to a property managers service by having a professional inspection conducted
– Minor issues are identified before they become costly and a major building defect
– Insurance claims are greatly reduced or prevented
– Moisture claims reduced by identifying high risk areas
– A computer generated report and photos of recommended repairs will be presented
– Ideal independent proof for tribunal hearings and
– All reports are saved and archived ready for the next periodic inspection
– Inspections fees can be fully tax deductible

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Just a note to thank you so much for doing the report for me. I really appreciate it. It seems my offer has been accepted and I expect/hope for settlement early in April.


With Gratitude Thanks Sheendah – Cardiff

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