Vendor or Pre-Sale Inspection – For the home seller

Vendor Inspection reports are carried out at the request of the Vendor to benefit both buyers and vendors. The Vendor pays our inspection fee as an investment in being able to present their property for sale in the best possible light with transparency and full disclosure regarding the condition of the property We believe very strongly that being able to provide knowledge and upfront disclosure to potential buyers at a nominal cost will provide many benefits to both the vendor and buyers as follows:

  • Completely independent reports
  • You will have direct access to the inspector to answer questions and clarify report recommendations.
  • All reports available direct from the Independent Property Inspector 24/7
  • No need for multiple inspections for vendor and agent to coordinate and schedule
  • Report Indemnity can be assigned and transferred to the successful purchaser upon payment of the assignment fee.
  • Full disclosure of the property’s condition is known immediately on purchasing the report and promotes earlier and confident bidding/offers by buyers
  • Property issues raised in reports can be dealt with by vendors before listing for sale or accurate repair quotes can obtained early in the marketing campaign when negotiating with potential purchasers before auction day or exchange of contracts.

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